Contact me: david < put a dot > rossman @ yale< put a dot>edu

Job Objective: Diversity in Programming, Network/System Administration, Graphic Arts

Education: B.S., Computer Science, Southern Connecticut State University May 2000


Systems Programmer: Yale University, Kline Geology Lab. (Jun 2003 to Present)

  • Primary contact person for any computer related issue for department
  • Administrate VMware vSphere Infrastructure with Fault Tolerance and High Availability.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  • Experience with virtualization of production servers with VMware
  • Administrator for all Server/Client Linux, Macs, PCs in the department
  • Setup and maintain department web server (Apache / Drupal)
  • Setup and maintain department MySQL and Microsoft SQL server
  • Setup and maintain department print server using Equitrac Print Management, Pharos Print Management, and Papercut
  • Maintain the departments OU under Active Directory
  • Setup and maintain departments primary and secondary file servers
  • Responsible for departments daily file server backups (Rdiff-backup, Backup Exec 2010 r2 & 2014, Macrium Reflect)
  • Responsible for Robotic Tape Library (Dell ML6020)
  • Responsible for all purchase decisions and acquisition of hardware and software
  • Design web pages for interested members of the department
  • Manage licenses for various software packages
  • Design and implement Perl programs to manage email lists and keep track of department users research for web pages.
  • Supported Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, and other non English based computer systems users bring to the department
  • Setup wireless and wired connections for all computers entering the department from visitors, students, and faculty
  • Dell Certified for repairing broken computers including Laptops, workstations, and Servers
  • Write shell scripts for quickly installing and configuring department Linux computer systems
  • Manage high density storage fiber arrays and multipathing fabrics
  • Setup and administrate clean lab kiosk services running scientific lab equipment.
  • Drupal 6 & 7 knowledge
  • Manage over a petabyte of storage space
  • Manage servers connected to 10gb wan
  • ITIL Foundations v3 overview
  • Setup and Manage HPC system running Rocks Clusters
  • Run Globus GridFtp servers

Free Lance Contractor: Big Idea Productions, Bridgeport CT (Feb 2003 to May 2003)

  • Lead programmer for all email content systems Sendmail, Perl, and MySQL
  • Designed a E-mail system to send coupons, commercial content, and movie times to clients on mailing list
  • Developed stronger Perl and MySQL concepts

Network Engineer:The Allen Group, Norwalk CT (Dec 2001 to Jan 2003)

  • Unix System administrator & SendMail & Exchange administration
  • Performed contractor work for client companies
  • Performs regular hardware and software updates to various servers
  • Network/System administrator for many 3rd party companies
  • Phone Technical support desk
  • Email technical support desk
  • On-Site Technical support
  • Offered one-on-one software and hardware training
  • Content Manager for clients needing web design or software design
  • Learned skills in setting up large scaled network systems (LAN/WAN)
  • Manager of Microsoft Commerce Server
  • Created and updated web sites for various companies
  • Learned Cisco router concepts
  • Learned Cisco wireless concepts
  • Learned programming in Visual C# for pocket PC
  • Learned programming in Visual C# for SQL server environment
  • Web developer and administrator on IIS and Apache systems for several clients

Web Developer & Programmer:Hedgeworld;, White Plains NY (Aug 2000 to Sept 13, 2001)

  • Web content development and back end database programming
  • Learned skills in Python and Perl programming
  • Developed Security Programs to stop hackers from hacking company websites
  • Developed programs that utilize E-commerce solutions
  • Developed programs to graph statistical information from database queries
  • Developed HedgeFund print compendium: A book that earned ($150,000 in revenue)
  • Developed HFS (The Charles Schwab of online hedgefund transactions)
  • Learned skills in Oracle Databases (Internet) and Microsoft SQL server (Intranet)
  • Learned skills in user relations in WAN/LAN environment
  • Helped develop and launch (sister site to, it is designed to make weary investors knowledgeable about hedgefunds.)
  • Transferring recently acquired software from to
  • Ability to develop graphics and programs in both UNIX and Windows environments
  • PC-anywhere desktop support
  • Ability to help approximately 12-15 co-workers with coming computer technical problems
  • Helped Co-Workers setup and use network file/print sharing and telecommunication system
  • Ability to use secure remote and verify secure connections to critical machines
  • Responsible for software upgrades to Solaris Boxes

University Assistant: Southern Connecticut State University Academic Computer Center (Sept 1997 - Aug 2000)

  • Manage and maintain ten Solaris and nineteen Windows NT servers and workstations
  • Supervise seven student assistants
  • Responsible for scheduling, troubleshooting, support all computer science faculty, staff, & student computer use
  • Manage and maintain the department graphic lab computers and printing equipment
  • Tutor computer graphics, internet, and computer programming to all students who required it
  • Learned to administrate NIS+ server/clients
  • CO-administrator of SendMail server
  • CO-administrator of SAS information system
  • Administrated MINIX OS emulators for operating systems classes
  • Administrated APACHE Web Server
  • Administrated SAMBA Unix/Windows File Sharing system
  • Administrated AMANDA backup system for 10 machines over network
  • Administrated graphics plotter and printing systems
  • In charge of multimedia projection systems
  • Wrote various shell and Perl scripts to configure user settings and profiles
  • Installed custom software packages for faculty and students
  • Assisted students with all sorts of packaged, Exceed, MS Suites, Adobe Suites, and Programming Compilers
  • Addressed and tried to correct all student problems in a timely manner without having to go to a manager for assistance
  • Taught weekly seminar to all workers who required training on various computer topics
  • Repaired broken computers and other related hardware
  • Occasional phone support for faculty telecommuting

Student Assistant: Southern Connecticut State University Academic Computer Center

(Sept 1996 - 1997)

  • Technical resource provider and assistant in the Computer Science Department
  • Performed a variety of computer related tasks
  • Taught Teachers how to use Microsoft Windows NT 4 OS
  • Taught teachers how to use email, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Office, oher proprietary software
  • Tech support hardware/software (fixed broken components or got replacements)
  • Occasions phone support for faculty telecommuting

Network and Computer Consultant: Forensic Accountants: Westport, CT

(Sept 1996-1997)

  • Administered a total of twenty computers and related hardware over a network
  • Setup and configured networks, built computers
  • Data recovery and data inspection
  • Provided technical support for both computer hardware and software products
  • PC User support with individual sessions teaching operating systems and common software
  • Assisted in the acquisition on new computer equipment

Business Machines Sales Associate: Staples: Norwalk, CT (Sept 1995 - 1996)

  • Responsible for sales and basic technical support for office related equipments including computers, software, photocopiers, fax machines, telephones, and customer service
  • Cited for technical training above and beyond the department basic requirements
  • Awarded Associate of the Month for excellence in customer service


Achievements: Microsoft Certification Windows 2000 Professional (MCP) & Dell Repair Certification

Hardware: PC, Mac, UNIX includes laptops, workstations, SANS, NAS, servers, custom building, liquid cooling, and overclocking

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows from Windows 3 to Current, Microsoft servers Win2k to Current, Apple OSX and various distributions of Unix including Solaris, Ultrix, Linux, and Minix

Programming Languages: Perl, Perl/TK, Python, C, C#, Visual Basic, and HTML

Software: Apache, IIS, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, Adobe Products, 3D Studio Max, Homesite, Samba, SQL, Imail, Postfix, Exchange, Commerce Server, Terminal Server, Secure Shell, XNA, Visual Studio.Net, DNS, Joomla, Drupal

Networking Skills:

  • LAN/WAN software and hardware including thicknet, thinnet, and fiber
  • TCP/IP (TCP and UDP concepts)
  • NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, DECNet, AppleTalk protocols
  • Analog/Digital communications from serial, telecom, cable TV, HDTV and multimedia based communications systems
  • Baseband/Broadband networking
  • Various duplex transmission types
  • Encryption software SSH & Kerberos
  • VPN / firewalls (Hardware and Software)
  • Routers / switches
  • Ethernet 802.3, 802.u, 802.z, 802.11 a/b/g/etc...
  • Token Ring 802.5 and FDDI Concepts
  • Applications FTP, Telnet, Email, HTTP, WWW, etc